Gemeinsam mit Bernd Kreußer betreibt Jutta Schmitt seit 1976 das Plastische Theater HOBBIT in Würzburg, Münzstr. 1. Bitte besuchen Sie hierzu die Homepage
Als Solostück entstand das Schattenspiel "Blaubart" in Zusammenarbeit mit Maja Bavdaz-Gross vom Puppet Studio Lutkarnica, Koper, Slowenien.

Production Hobbit Theatre, Wuerzburg, Germany in collaboration with Puppet Studio Lutkarnica, Koper, Slovenia

Regie: Jutta Schmitt and Maja Bavdaz Gross
Grafic design: Jutta Schmitt

This story is about a man who was able to win a young woman as his wife through the power of persuasion and material temptations. After they marry he keeps her secluded and he follows his deadly plan.
The key to freedom and independence is knowledge and she must fight to understand and attain it. It is like Eve's apple, able to influence the view of female history and the future of womenkind. With the use of contemporary grafic arts and resampled music, the show touches the audience emotionally. Like an animated exhibition of Jutta Schmitt's Grafic Art, the performance is poised through the space and time.
Based on the fairytales of the brothers Grimm and Charles Perrault (1628-1703) this theme is still relevant today.